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Boise, ID

Who are Mark and Fey?

Food Network Hosts, Today Show Regulars, Social Media Influencers, Spice Line Ninjas, Modern Dad Lifestyle Marketing Experts, Members of the Handsome Club

Mark and Fey are real-life best buds, modern dad advocates, and food fanatics that have found their niche as entertainers on social media, as guests and hosts for television shows and featured acts for a variety of special events.

They combine “buddy comedy” with approachability making them familiar, honest, genuine and down-to-earth. Both hail from the Midwest and have that “guy next door” appeal. Plus, from a cultural perspective, they embrace diversity and love to learn about new cultures and lifestyles while celebrating the unifying power of food.

They started their entertainer journey by winning Guy Fieriʼs “Guyʼs Big Project,” and as hosts of two prime-time shows “The Grill Dads” and “Comfort Food Tour on Food Network. Their shows can currently be found on streaming services such as HULU, Discovery+, Amazon Prime and AppleTV.

Previously, Fey was the co-founder of creative advertising agency Omelet, while Mark was a C-suite advertising executive and tour manager for major international musicians.


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