Priyanka Naik

Priyanka NaikPriyanka Naik



New York, NY

Priyanka Naik is a self-taught Indian vegan chef, Food Network champion, Quibi Dishmantled Winner, TV Personality, author of The Modern Tiffin, and columnist of “Ecokitchen” for The Washington Post. An avid traveler who has been to over forty countries, her globally inspired original recipes, with a focus on sustainability, have been featured on her blog, as well as Chef Priyanka, IGTV. Here, Priyanka hosts her own digital series Cook With Chef Pri at 3. She has garnered attention from and been featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Forbes, GLAMOUR, The TODAY Show, Bon Appétit, Tastemade, VICE, CNN, GQ, Well + Good, Medium, and more. She has partnered with hundreds of brands globally, including Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Spotify. Priyanka is first-generation Indian-American, raised on Staten Island, New York. Her Indian heritage is very important to her cooking and lifestyle, so much so that she even learned her native language of Kannada before English and weaves in Indian elements throughout all of her original vegan cooking. She attributes her devotion to her Indian roots and passion for Indian food to her loving and supportive parents.