Munchie Madness 2023

RO*TELMunchie Madness 2023




Munchie Madness is Kittch’s annual bracket played alongside March Madness, where 16 chefs go head-to-head on Kittch to showcase their signature game day dishes and recipes to vie for the ultimate prize: The Munchie Madness championship. Each chef chooses a “munchies” category to compete in such as “wings” or “dips” or “nachos,” and is then paired up with a competitor. Each competition is streamed LIVE from the chefs’ home kitchens on, and also available any time on demand afterwards.

After each game-day treat’s stream, the two dishes will hit social media, where fans can vote for their favorite pick. The winner with the most votes will advance to the next round. Fans can catch a new bracket of match-ups each week, all month long, live or on-demand, and cook along. Winner receive a cash prize.


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