The Cookie CoutureLupita Balderas



The Woodlands, TX

Lupita is the mind behind The Cookie Couture through which she aims to inspire and walk hand in hand with her visitors in forging their own culinary journeys.  Lupita began her own journey as a food biochemical engineer. After receiving her bachelor’s she had the tools in hand to develop products in the food industry which are in  the market to this day. However her true purpose lies in teaching others, when she started teaching cooking classes in 1996. 

Lupita’s specialty is cookie decorating and she is one of the leading content creators in the field. She began selling her cookie creations on Etsy, when it was a newly developed site. Additionally she started her own blog where she taught people all over the world how to prepare inviting cookies for every season of the year. She eventually decided that she needed to reach a larger audience and started a YouTube channel under the name of The Cookie Couture Channel.

In 2022 she had the goal to share her favorite family recipes so that her daughter could easily make them on her own. This process of making short and simple videos on Pinterest and interactive lives on Pinterest TV, eventually led her to give in person and online classes. Through the Tastemade platform, Lupita has taught classes on how to make French macarons and Christmas cookies. People have come to love her whimsical yet relatable style of teaching that is able to transport you back to your own family’s kitchen. Overall her recipes and creations have spanned a wide variety of platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, Tastemade, and Instagram making her well known in her community. She was featured in Voyage Houston in their Most Inspiring Stories in 2018, on 2020 on  Shoutout HTX as a Cookie Artist and Content Creator and few years later she was  featured in CanvasRebel Magazine’s Stories and Insights where she was recognized for her inspiring storytelling. One of her proudest achievements has been receiving the Golden Recipe Award by Food 52 and Pinterest for her yummy Grapefruit Pie. However she has always been a cookie decorator by nature and her Royal Icing Recipe pin gas gained more than 1 million saves, she also enjoys to teach her family recipes. Throughout her journey Lupita has played many roles, but all have brought her here to Kittch where she hopes to teach and inspire you  to start your culinary journey.


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