Ludo Lefebvre

Ludo LefebvreLudo Lefebvre



Los Angeles, CA

In 1996 Chef Ludo Lefebvre came to Los Angeles from the best kitchens in France, learning under some of best chefs in the country; Marc Meneau, Alain Passard, Pierre Gagnaire and Guy Martin. Ludo quickly made a name for himself in the American culinary world, helming the kitchens of Mobil 5-star restaurants L'Orangerie and Bastide. Next he led the global phenomenon of  the "pop-up" restaurant as a legitimate business model with his multi-city touring restaurant, LudoBites. In 2019 Ludo earned his first Michelin star at Trois Mec in Los Angeles. Ludo is the owner and executive chef of two Petit Trois restaurants and LudoBird in Los Angeles. Chez Maggy will be Ludo’s first restaurant outside of Denver, opened at the Thomspson Hotel in Denver in January 2022. Chez Maggy is named for Ludo’s mother-in-law Margaret Braun who was killed by a drunk driver in February 2019 in Golden, CO

He has authored two cookbooks; CRAVE, a Feast of the Five Senses; and LudoBites. Ludo has starred in multiple culinary television programs, including The Taste, on ABC and Mind of Chef. You can currently find Ludo's at home cooking videos (Ludo à la Maison) streaming on his YouTube channel. Premiering March 31, 2022, Ludo will be starring in the new “Who Done It” cooking series “Rat in the Kitchen”.


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