Spring Tulip Petal Compound Butter

Spring Tulip Petal Compound Butter

A simple & beautiful spring compound butter using local organic tulips & some other spring flavors


1 pounds Salted Butter, Room Temp or Softened and cut into cubes

1/2 cups Fresh Organic Tulip Petals, chiffonade (save a couple of tablespoons for garnish)

1 tbsps Pink Peppercorn, Freshly Ground

2 tsps Lemon Zest

1 tbsps Mustard Green Flowers, optional

1/2 tsps Fresh Dill, optional

1 dash Water


In a food processor, add room temp or softened cubed butter and pulse for 30 seconds. If butter is still a touch too stiff, add a dash of water (less than a tablespoon). This will aid in the blending process.

Once butter is nice and smooth, add in chiffonade of organic tulip petals(save a couple of pinches to the side), mustard flowers (or other available edible flowers), crushed pink peppercorn, and dill.

Blend until fully incorporated. Using a layer of plastic wrap, add compound butter and top with a couple of pinches of petals and press lightly into the butter. wrap with plastic film and shape into cylinder. This would also be lovely shaped in a butter mold like flower or pyramid shape.

Refrigerate or freeze compound butter until ready to enjoy! Be sure to allow butter to come to room temp if using it to spread on toast, dip radishes, or add softened cream cheese and create your own *botanical Boursin.

*recipe to come

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Spring Tulip Compound Butter

This past Saturday, I found some gorgeous local organic tulips at my farmer’s market! And today I’ve created a simple & beautiful spring compound butter using local organic tulips & some other spring flavors.

This is a great method for preserving fresh edible flowers and a gorgeously indulgent way to enjoy them.

Note- Only untreated organic tulip petals can be consumed. The stem, leaves and bulb of the flower are not edible!

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