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Hayes Hora: A Community Connector and Culinary Curator

Hayes Hora, the dynamic founder and publisher of Collierville Living Magazine and East Memphis Living, has carved a unique niche in local business promotion and community engagement. His journey began in 2014 at The YellowPages, where he first tapped into the potential of connecting local businesses with consumers. This experience ignited Hayes's passion for fostering a community-centered approach, leading him to take on the Key Accounts Manager of Advertising role at the Commercial Appeal Newspaper.

At the heart of Hayes's vision was creating a brand-safe space where local businesses could thrive amidst positive and uplifting content. This vision took shape innovatively – not through traditional advertisements but by highlighting famous chefs' stories and culinary talents in the community. Hayes's approach went beyond mere promotion; it built a network of connections, keeping local restaurants at the forefront of the community's mind through engaging interviews, stories, and recipes.

Hayes has embarked on an exciting new venture with KITTCH, embracing this successful model. This platform is a testament to his commitment to community engagement, allowing neighbors to contribute their favorite recipes and videos alongside content from featured chefs and restaurateurs. It's more than a magazine or a website; it's a living, breathing community hub that celebrates the rich tapestry of local flavors and fosters a deeper connection with the culinary world. Consider advertising with Hayes and connect with an eager audience of readers with passion and buying power! Call Hayes at (901) 604-9731.

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