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Kharagpur, India

The real multi-talented Chef who has opened up doors and streams for all aspiring chefs not only in the field of Hospitality but also in the field of Acting, Movies, Dancing and much more. A Chef with most Memes in India using his tag line #namakshamak. . The real Salt Man of India, the tags that he is popular for #happydancingchef #dancingchefof india #energychefofindia and much more.

His recent debut as an actor in the top 10 fiction shows of Indian #channamereya has garnered quite an eye balls across genre.

He  has not only redefined cookery shows with his own unique style with humour and real Punjabi style which is why he bagged the most recognized and admired face on Television as a Chef of the year 2012 honoured by Golden Star Awards also has achieved Iconic Achievers Award 2018.

Recent Achievements like Food Fusion Leadership Awards 2018 & Annapoorna Food Retail Award 2018.

He is also awarded as the best Chef of the year 2016 by Indian Restaurant Congress was adding another feather to his cap of all achievements.

Foodfood the pioneer in Food Television network in India awarded Chef  Harpal Singh Sokhi as the most recognized face of the  year in 2017.

Incidentally he is also the first Chef to have work tried his hands in a bollywood movie called BANKCHOR which was released mid of 2017.

His show TURBAN TADKA is not only the highest rated Culinary show in the history of television but is also the only Chef who has bought smiles to a billion hearts across the nation and the world by singing Namak Shamak.

Today his style is mimicked by the country for his famous quote Namak Shamak, Namak Shamak, Daal Dete Hain’ as a host of the most popular culinary show Turban Tadka on FoodFood channel on Indian television, he’s already bagged the title of “Energy Chef of India” and made people all charged-up and passionate about cooking!

He also participated in JHALAK DHIKLAJAA Season 9 on COLORS TELEVISION network has impressed people with his dancing skills. Chef Harpal mentions that food is entertainment and it should cover all aspects of entertainment which spreads happiness.

He has touched hearts of millions of people with his other culinary shows called Desh da Swaad on ZEE NEWS and Punjab De Super Chef on PTC Punjabi Television Network.

His strong presence has further enhanced by his own individual shows on TataSky Network and Videocon DTH. His Concept of Happy Dancing Chef on Tata Sky is now loved by all passionate food lovers.

Professionally having achieved success in hospitality industry by creating his own presence by bringing in Fusion of Indian food with international cuisine, which is what made Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi a name to reckon with in the hotel industry.

Hailing from North India, which, like the rest of India is rich in culture and cuisine,

Chef Harpal mastered the art of Indian food and created a niche for himself by learning authentic Hyderabadi food under Ustad Habib Pasha.  Begum Mumtaz Khan, an authority in Hyderabadi cuisine, further helped him in enhancing his knowledge.

His quest for knowledge left him hungering for more, so he undertook some branches of research on Indian food and its implications on health. Finding comprehensive answers to his questions such as – how cooking improves nutritive value of food and the rejuvenating power of spices on the body, soul and mind, he took his quest ahead to create a link between Ayurveda and food.  Chef Harpal strongly believes that today people are very health conscious and India cannot have a better blend of food and health if the Ayurveda beliefs are missing. Today Chef Harpal in consultation with his Ayurvedic doctor friend Onkar Bilgi is on a research trial for finding out answers on various hidden aspects of Indian food.

Having worked with Indian restaurants like Vintage – a Hyderabadi speciality restaurant, an Indian specialty restaurant in Luxembourg and Indian five star properties like Centaur Hotel-Juhu beach, The Oberoi - Bhubaneshwar, Hotel Tuli International - Vidarbha and The Regent – Mumbai, Chef Harpal feels he received a breakthrough opportunity, when he joined The Regent, Mumbai, where he had the opportunities to develop the concepts for the restaurants.

Extensive studies and research helped Chef Harpal develop the concept of western influence on Indian food, which has made the “Passage to India”, a specialty restaurant, a run away success in Mumbai.

His vision and greatest desire is to take Indian Cuisine to the Global level by its fine dining restaurants.

Chef Harpal is amongst the top 5 food youtubers honoured by Google in the year 2014. Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi was further recognized as the top 100 channels on food on youtube.

IN the field of Hospitality his latest restaurants Karigiri in Noida and The Treasury in Boston have been runaway success.

His other association in the field of hospitality are De Neuvo Lounge Bar in Jalandhar, Pathankot running successfully for last 4 years. He has more restaurants by the name of BBChic in Jalandhar, Cloud Kitchens in Jalandhar, Indian Bbq Co in Andheri Mumbai. He has also extended his expertise and names to various hotels and restaurants over a period of time.

Has created QSR concepts for Franchise India and Yellow Tie Hospitality by the name of Genuine Broasters Fried Chicken, Dhadoom a concepts around Poutine. After successfully launching around 40 restaurants had exited out of the chain.

Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi has developed and endorsed a brand Sabrini which has Culinary Value added products and is available currently in Australia and NewZealand.

His non-stick cookware brand called Happy Chef would soon find space in the shelves of entire Indian and International cookware market.

Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi has also written two books namely Royal Hyderabadi Cooking and Exotic Indian Everyday cook book. He has also customized books for Kiwi Council of NewZealand and has written two small recipe books for them

Chef Harpal also writes food columns for newspapers and magazines. His unending thirst for knowledge has led him to be involved in the study of historical influence on Indian food, an area that still lies unexplored according to him. 

Currently Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi runs his own firm Turban Tadka hospitality and is also into consulting, books and food business.

He says........

“ I am happy with whatever I have achieved in life and I am thankful to god for giving me all the power to prove myself as the worthy one.”

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