Mom's White Sauce

Some meals define childhood memories, and this is one of them! In my adult world, this dish has become the moment I need an easy dinner that helps boost my immune system. Combining simple ingredients help create a savory meal that will kill off any cold on the horizon.

I often mix and match this meal up as well. As a baseline, the original ingredients make a fantastic meal, but adding fun details can bring in color and flavors and even get the pickiest of eaters to change their ways. And everyone in my family has their preferences as to what they like. Mom makes hers with tons of fresh broccoli florets, whereas I am a cherry tomato & mini mozzarella balls. I have also been known to Jullien summer veggies and toss those in. Over the winter, serve it in a spaghetti squash bowl or with oven-baked potatoes. However, you choose to make it let me know; I am always up for something new.

I hope that you enjoy :)

Mom's White Sauce


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