Frittatas; Making the best Breakfast better.

If you have anyone who doesn’t like eggs or breakfast food or need a quick grab-and-go for the next few days, Frittata is where it is!

The great part is that you do not need to go out and buy a ton of new things; you can use what is in the refrigerator to use up leftover foods, cheese no one likes with their wine, veggies that are on the ragged side of the end and so much more.

I will start by taking you through the basic recipe and then add my favorite list of add-ons and creative mixes. In the end, though, all you need to do is bake, cool, slice up, and bag to have a fresh, healthy snack or meal (Depending on you large your slices are) at any time.


Frittatas; Making the best Breakfast better.


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