Fresh Tomato Mother Sauce; Easy, Healthy & Fun!

My favorite mother sauce will always be fresh tomato sauce. Seriously, I purposefully call ahead to my local produce supplier to buy their ugly tomatoes regularly. They have started calling me to help use as many of the products as possible.

This process was something I learned from my Grumpy (AKA my Grandfather), as my childhood job responsibilities moved from gardening to the kitchen. Being a very Italian family, every summer, when the tomatoes started to come in, we were all rooped into picking, cleaning, cutting, and eventually jarring. As a child, it was not my favorite thing to do, but as an adult, I can no longer go back to using canned tomatoes unless under duress…LOL

I make, freeze, and jar this red base sauce regularly. There is nothing like being able to pull out a small bag of this heavenly delight to add to a dish or embellish it for a quick meal. However you choose to use it, let me know!

Fresh Tomato Mother Sauce; Easy, Healthy & Fun!

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