Not Your Average Black Beans

Growing up in an Italian family, I felt that beans got a bad rap. Mainly served in soups or under some meat and never as the center of a dish as I started working in the industry and gained exposure to different foods, I set out to explore the world of beans, especially black beans, for their consistency, versatility, and color.

When I first discovered Black beans, they were re-fried in a burrito. NOT my favorite, but there was rooms to grow. Then during a trip to Mexico, I explored them as a side dish with salsa, and in Miami, slow cooked and savory. These beans seemed to hold up their form and consistency no matter how you cooked them. So the great experiment began. What is the best way to make a base Black Bean dish that can be served in as many ways as possible?

Below you will find my base recipe that I will start on the stovetop and let flow into whatever is in season. I have used them to serve stuffed friend zucchini blossoms, hearty curry, and Italian sauce. This base offers a great flavor profile that is amazing on its own for a quick meal or whipped up into a gourmet dish.

I hope you enjoy it!

Not Your Average Black Beans


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