Apple Rosemary Roasted (Standing Up) Chicken

My Brother and I have recently both gotten Big Green Eggs simultaneously! And not planned; go figure. So there has been a ton of new recipes being created and toys to be had.

With that said, He has fallen in love with the Beer Can Chicken Method. I am allergic to beer and am not a fan of aluminum in or around my food. That is when I discovered the Big Green Egg has a ceramic roasting stand that you can cook on the Egg, in cast iron pans, or your oven. Effectively making it an option for all cooking :)

Thus I have taken my favorite fall recipe to the next level! White Wine and Apples stuffed into the skin of a chicken and slowly roasted to perfection. Also, as the white wine slowly roasted into the center of the chicken, my gravy received an upgrade!

In the preparation section, I will go over the green egg way & the oven way, as I have done both.

I hope that you enjoy this recipe, and let me know how it works out for you.

Apple Rosemary Roasted (Standing Up) Chicken


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