Lil Em's

Lil Em's Royal Icing

Lil Em's Royal Icing

Royal Icing is a sweet and malleable icing that is PERFECT for decorating cookies


8 cups Powdered Sugar

5 tbsps Meringue Powder

3/4 cups Water, warmed in microwave for 30 seconds

1 tsps Light Vanilla Extract

1/2 tsps Pure Vanilla Extract

1 tbsps Light Corn Syrup


*Using two different vanillas and corn syrup are OPTIONAL. Take my Royal Icing 101 course for explanation!


1. Measure your powdered sugar into your mixing bowl and set aside

2. Warm water in microwave for 30 seconds. Add meringue powder and whisk til frothy. Add extracts and whisk to combine.

3. Fit your mixing bowl into your stand mixer. Add water/merengue powder/ flavor mixture. Combine on low.

4. Add corn syrup

5. Once mixture starts to look gooey, turn your mixer up one notch and let mix for 3 minutes.

6. Your icing should look soft and cloud-like, while forming stiff peaks. If your mixer is really struggling or the mixture looks like it’s not coming together, add water as needed. A little water goes a long way so start with a tiny amount (about a tablespoon) and go from there. If it’s not forming stiff peaks, add up to one more cup of powdered sugar and mix for an additional minute.

7. This is stiff icing and will need to be thinned out with water to achieve different consistencies suitable for decorating.

8. Move to an airtight container. Keeps for one week at room temp and one month if frozen.

*notes: It is very much recommended that you make Royal Icing with a stand mixer. A hand mixer will also work. It is possible to mix RI by hand but it will not be easy... you’ve been warned.

I usually recommend to weigh everything with a kitchen scale. I do not, however, weigh my ingredients for RI. It is a pretty foolproof substance. Too thin? Add powdered sugar. Too thick? Add water.

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Meringue Powder

Meringue Powder

Food Gel Colors

Food Gel Colors

Piping Bags

Piping Bags


Decorate Cookies with Pride! All-levels class!

Ever wanted to learn how to decorate cookies with royal icing?! Welcome to my rainbow themed class just in time to celebrate pride month!! In this hour and twenty min pre-recorded class, you will learn some of the most popular and useful cookie decorating techniques. To successfully decorate cookies, you first must be able to properly make the different consistencies of royal icing. It can be quite technical, but I got your back! We’ll make them together. In this class, we will cover making icing and thinning it to piping, hybrid and flood consistencies. We will learn how to mix all the colors of the rainbow, how to cut our bags to properly flood and detail cookies. Once decorating, we will cover outlining, flooding, different wet-on-wet techniques, how to achieve those smooth and puffy details and even tackle some challenging designs and freehand lettering. This class is beginner friendly but certainly has some intermediate elements - come one, come all!

*a portion of the proceeds will be going to Trevor Project

Note: This class will require you to gather supplies and bake cookies ahead of time. 

What you will will need:

Everything mentioned in RI recipe (we will be making a half batch)

Cut + baked cookies (cutter set available at discounted rate, thanks RB Creation Shop!)

Food gel colors (bright white, yellow, super red, orange, green, blue, purple, super black)

Mixer or hand mixer

Mixing bowls

Tall glass


Piping Bags

Edible Marker

Scribe Tool


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