Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth WalkerElizabeth Walker



New Bern, NC

Come join Elizabeth Walker as she ventures into culinary school.  Being in the kitchen and creating has always been a passion of hers and now she get to find ways to connect her life with all things food.  CEO and Founder of  My Big Dream, the nonprofit’s goal is to bring valued work to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The mission is to create beautiful products with hope, love and inclusion. They bring caring and understanding to Friends with developmental and intellectual disabilities. In other words it’s a place of purpose filled with love and hope and doesn’t everybody deserve that! 

God has a way of taking many of life’s experiences and weaving them together. You don’t always end up understanding why He brought you through a situation, then other times He knocks your socks off. In the last few years God has carried her through the toughest trials. Elizabeth has seen so many blessings in the last several years: her dream for the non profit, My Big Dream became real, she found love, became a grandma, (“Lovey”), had joys in seeing her daughters becoming amazing women, and is now seeing childhood dreams become a reality.

Someday soon, when My Big Dream is a fully operational program, they will connect passions with working with the special needs population and her love for being in the kitchen.  The ‘dream’ is to have a day program where ‘Friends’ are employed in the workshop, sell their items in the store, and cook/ serve food in the cafe. The food at the cafe, will be healthy but also delicious! Now as she begins her adventure at culinary school in a plant based program, she can truly learn how to prepare the foods she wants to serve. 

Follow alongside her adventures through culinary school here on Kittch. She will have her share of blunders as she works to become the chef she has always wanted to be.  The name of the channel,  “La vie en rose" essentially means seeing life through rose-coloured glasses. Living with an attitude or outlook of positivity, trying to see beauty in the everyday; like you do when you first fall in love. Elizabeth views life this way, but more importantly most of her ‘Friends’ at My BiG Dream live life out this way. On La Vie en Rose, they will showcase things that she is learning, foods that she is playing around with in the kitchen, and will occasionally be blessed with visitors from My Big Dream.

The ‘Friends’ will be releasing the 2nd version of the cookbook in time for Christmas, with updated photos and some very yummy Christmas recipes.