Ed Porter

Ed PorterEd Porter



Minneapolis, MN

Coming from a place of passion and experience, Ed Porter is a seasoned Celebrity Chef and Musician with over 29 years of experience accentuating the entertainment and luxury dining. Chef Ed comes with a proven track record as an Executive who is just as creative in business as he is in the kitchen, finding new and innovative ways to grow business and protect margins.To date, Ed brings with him an extensive background involving elite menu creations that satisfy even the most critical of palates, concierge hospitality, and the art of forming dining experiences that are as fulfilling as they are memorable. Furthermore, he enjoys not only raising creative standards by drawing vast parallels in music and culinary, but doing so all while demonstrating the appeals that can be formed when cultural compositing, synthesized flavors, and harmonic ambiances are bridged.

Born in Mount Vernon, New York and raised in The Bronx, Ed is a creative expressionist who initially began his career prior to attending The Culinary Institute of America. To Ed, food creation is as much of a science as it is an art, and discovered early on that it held structural commonalities that keenly resembled his first passion for music particularly song composing. With this as his base, along with his history of National and International travel that sharpened as well as diversified his culinary knowledge, Ed has since built a large inventory of celebrity chef progressions. Notably, Ed has worked in some of the most influential restaurants in New York City, including the Marcus Samuelsson ran restaurant Aquavit Ed has also appeared on a few episodes of Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games and crowned Champion.

More recently, Ed has starred in Netflix’s hit show Pressure Cooker, and concurrently offers menu creation, hosts private chef events, keynotes at various speaking engagements, and is both a brand influencer and product developer. Overall, Ed has a genuine passion for culinary and demonstrates that through his rich innovations that result in dishes that are valued beyond the flavor itself. That, along with his aesthetic presentations and longstanding credibility for translating visions into tasteful realities, is what can solidify your confidence that following him will not just meet your dining expectations, but ultimately exceed them - especially after you take that first bite.