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Portland, OR

I'm Chef Doug Miriello, I'm Based in Portland Oregon. I opened up my New Haven Style Pizzeria, Dimo's Apizza, (AHHBEETS) in July 2020. Beginning as a pandemic figure it the F*** out parking lot Pop-up, Dimo's quickly became a brick & mortar, gained local media acclaim and later gained national attention being named one of Esquire's 40 best new restaurants in the country. Surrounded by great food from a young age, I grew up in my mom's restaurant kitchen in Connecticut, and later moved to Los Angeles to cook in some of the city's best Kitchens, Lucques, Lukshon & Gjusta to name a few. My approach to food is simple, restrained and seasonal. Italian American food with influences across the mediterranean and europe. Heavy doses of east coast nostalgia and fat kid food play a big role! Having fun, using great ingredients, & respecting the product will usually yield great results. I'm an Italian Jew, so basically I was born to feed. I'm like a grandma that makes you a gigantic plate and forces you to eat the whole thing in front of them while asking what's wrong with you. Usually have a hat on, covered in flour, wearing something other than a chef coat.  


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