Doris Goldgewicht

Doris GoldgewichtDoris Goldgewicht



Costa Rica

Doris Goldgewicht, (real name  Doris Kohn Gudes) was born in Costa Rica.  She is passionate about the art of cooking and baking since her early childhood.  Later on, she decides to go into the gastronomy world in a more professional way, thus begins her long period of learning in classrooms.

In Costa Rica, she begins her studies in the Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje (INA), also taking the Cordon Bleu classes at the Universidad Interamericana and other academies.  She has also taken professional classes in the USA and South America.

She is licensed as Certfied Assessor Instructor Chef  by the World Association of Cook’s Societies (WACS) and the Asociación Nacional de Chefs de Costa Rica (ANCH).  In the latter she was member of the Board of Management for two years.

Before her studies in gastronomy she graduates with honors as a psychologist from the University of Costa Rica and along with four colleagues she founds the first clinic for that field.

Her passion for cooking gets the best of her, so she leaves her career aside and starts her life as a cooking instructor.  She begins her new career fifteen years ago by teaching classes and as a collaborator for the best newspapers and magazines in the country.  In addition she appears on many television shows targeted to the home makers.

Almost 6 years ago she started her own television show “Sin Secretos con Doris” which runs daily on National Chanel 13.  She also edits bimonthly booklets with all the recipes from her shows.

Her book, SECRETOS DE LA PANADERÍA Y REPOSTERÍA ARTESANAL was her first professionally printed proyect.  COCINA COSTARRICENSE SIN SECRETOS is a very special proyect due to her love for her homeland: Costa Rica