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Dori Roberts Stewart: Editor and Publisher

Dori, with an 11-year tenure as a high school engineering teacher at Colonial Forge High School, transitioned into entrepreneurship, establishing a company that garnered numerous accolades. Her business acumen and innovative strategies have been recognized in prestigious publications like Forbes, the Wall Street JournalCNN Money, Fox Business, and Kiplinger’s. Her contributions to the business world earned her the title of Stafford County Business Innovator of the Year.

Beyond her entrepreneurial ventures, Dori is deeply involved in her local community through her roles as editor and publisher of Neighbors of Courthouse, Neighbors of Chancellorsville, and Stafford Living Magazine. Her dedication to her hometown is evident in her efforts to foster community spirit and support the growth of local businesses. As a committed and long-standing member of the community, Dori's enthusiasm for bringing people together and nurturing local enterprises is a testament to her passion for serving the area she calls home.