Dan Perretta

Dan PerrettaDan Perretta



Miami, FL

Chef Dan Perretta grew up in Toronto, Canada and graduated from George Brown College with a degree in Culinary Management. In 2005, he traveled to work in some of the world’s best restaurants, including The Fat Duck in England, El Bulli in Spain, and Per Se in New York.

Chef Perretta joined The Alinea Group in 2007, where he proved himself as a memorable addition to the team. After returning to teach at his alma-mater in Canada for several years, the Alinea Group was honored to welcome Chef Dan back to Chicago in 2014 as a Sous Chef at Alinea.

In June 2016, Dan was promoted to Executive Chef at the Aviary in Chicago and in 2018, he opened the Aviary in New York as Executive Chef.

In 2019, Chef Dan assumed the role of Executive Chef of Roister in Chicago.  In 2021, Chef Dan moved on from the group that launched his career to join the What If Syndicate, the group behind Etta and Maple and Ash, as Regional Executive Chef of Florida.