Courtney Fuciarelli

Courtney FuciarelliCourtney Fuciarelli



Ontario, Canada

Courtney Fuciarelli, MSW, RSW is a Social Worker and Psychotherapist- and she loves baking. 

After spending time working as a Social Worker in agency settings, she began a private practice in order to blend multifaceted approaches to healing through time in nature, and using expressive arts through baking. 

​Courtney believes in the power of creative arts. Although she is a huge advocate for traditional talk therapy, she also believes that sometimes, there is a certain magic in cookies and flowers- that goes beyond talking.

Courtney practices therapy with clients in her group clinic Fields & Flour Therapy. Courtney and her colleagues provide baking therapy and nature based therapy and counselling sessions to clients of all ages. They offer approachable counselling options in their office, i their kitchen and on the trail. 

Courtney is the founder of the social enterprise Wildflour Fields Bakeshop & Studio. Wildflour Fields is a unique social enterprise that sells baked goods, flowers, gifts and other mental health empowerment items as a non profit to raise money for a low-cost counselling fund provided by counsellors on site.