Choose Local F.I.S.H

Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine ProgramChoose Local F.I.S.H



Long Island, NY

The "Choose Local F.I.S.H" project (Fresh, Indigenous, Sustainable, Healthy) is a unique initiative offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Program that help to increase the consumption of local seafood through improved consumer awareness and education. Started in 2016, the "Choose Local F.I.S.H" project has reached thousands of Long Islanders through outreach initiatives, education events, social media marketing and a website ( The website contains valuable information for consumers on local fish species, a dozen original recipes for preparing local fish, and a mapping tool to identify the location of fish markets that carry locally caught fish across the entirety of Long Island. With these tools, consumers can become better equipped to choose local fish; and in doing so, are able to support local industry, eat healthy options and pursue more sustainable food sources.

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