The Wine Connection - Mee Goodard 09/22

Mee Godard established her own domaine in Morgon in February 2013 and has since risen to become one of the premier cultivators in the region. In Morgon, she has vineyards comprising 5 hectares dispersed throughout the climats of Côte du Py, Grand Cras, and Corcellete.

She first studied wine for three years at Oregon State University.   She also went to Montpellier to study. She then worked as a winemaker in Champagne and Burgundy, among other regions of France, before spending some time promoting enological goods. She would gain significant experience from this. Goodard wants to create wines that can age, and says that "different experiences have made it possible to work here."

Enjoy this unscripted, unedited tasting I had with her in September of 2022. What a treat to meet this incredible producer.

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