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Silicon Valley, CA

Who is this guy, anyway? It all started in 2018 when my friend, Adam, sent me a PDF of “The Up-To-Date Sandwich Book” of 1909. Within its pages lie 400 recipes for all kinds of sandwiches. And I mean all kinds. We both thought, “this would be kind of fun to make ‘em and share on social media.” And so I did, first on Instagram, then on TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. The first attempt on Instagram did not go well. In fact, I let the account just float without posting for nine months. It was only after success on TikTok did I realize that my first approach on Instagram was not right. So I did it again and sure enough, it took off.I’ve always been passionate about food, cooking, culture, and of course, eating. The great thing about sandwiches, in addition to being portable, is that the possibilities of what can go between the bread (and the bread itself) seem limitless. And it cuts across cuisines around the world.For my day job, I head up marketing for Boomerang (if you use Gmail or Outlook you really should install it). Life-changing inbox email management and meeting scheduling tools.I like to run, golf, and stick my feet (or swim) in the ocean with my fiancé Christine as often as possible. We also travel the country in a van solving mysteries but that’s for another time.*

* none of that van nonsense is true.


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