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Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Hello! My name is Amy, and I’m the girl behind this health blog, AMY LEE ACTIVE, and the Nourish in 5 Cookbook. I call Melbourne, Victoria, Australia home, and I love healthifying my favourite foods, photography, strength training (no to cardio, sorry not sorry), eating my Protein Peanut Butter Cups post-workout, and feeding friends, family, and hopefully, yourself!

In much of my daily life, @AMYLEEACTIVE on Instagram, and in my cookbook, I share colourful healthy treats, a sustainable approach to eating more wholefoods, and tips for keeping active! I endeavour to make my recipes high protein, sugar-free and full of superfoods – the recipes are always good for you but never compromise on taste!

This is not just a blog with healthy recipes. It’s about connecting with loved ones, making memories, and being kind to yourself and the earth.

About the Nourish in 5 Cookbook

It’s my life goal to make healthy eating accessible, affordable and delicious. Nourish in 5 is a dream come to life, a tool that will help me help you to make truly healthy desserts using only 5 nourishing ingredients, with a zero-waste approach.

I encourage you to make every recipe your own; with options to suit vegan, gluten-free, low carb diets and more! I do not count baking soda/powder, salt, vanilla and cinnamon in the ingredients, as these basics can basically be thrown into any recipe. I’m personally a self-confessed cinnamon addict, adding a pinch of this antioxidant-rich spice to anything and everything!

The recipes are triple-tested, designed to set you up for cooking success and to be versatile with multiple uses, so there’s never any waste – for example, the vegan salted caramel recipes (on page 236) can be used across so many recipes in the book; Caramel Popcorn (page 222), 1 Bowl Vegan Brownies (page 116), on top of cookies, ice cream and cakes, or simply licked off the spoon…the possibilities are endless.

Each element of every recipe is 5 ingredients or less, so feel free to omit elements wherever you see fit.

Every Book Sold Feeds Someone In Need 

This zero-waste approach to cooking is not only fun, it’s also better for the planet we live in. There’s enough food produced in the world to feed everyone to the brim, yet a third of all food produced is wasted. That is a whopping 1.3 billion tonnes of edible food that is thrown out, or $1 trillion each year.

I cannot stand food wastage when millions of people are malnourished and I know so many of you are the same – that is why I’ve chosen to support OzHarvest, an incredible charity whose mission is to nourish Australia by rescuing quality food that would have otherwise been discarded, to nourish those in need. 

I truly believe that we can all do our part for the planet, however small those steps may be. I’m incredibly proud to say that every Nourish in 5 book sold will feed someone in need thanks to OzHarvest. 

If you’d like to find out more about OzHarvest and help fight food waste, head to

Your support, in any size, shape or form, makes a difference.

Get your Nourish in 5 Cookbook HERENourish in 5 is available worldwide in 40,000 bookshops. 


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