Allison Brazzel

Rooted in BlalanceAllison Brazzel



Atlanta, GA

Allison has always loved food, but her body started having reactions to certain foods and stress. She was discouraged as she was uncertain if could still enjoy her favorite dishes. This experience motivated her to change her mindset and relationship with food.

For 6 years, Allison experienced debilitating pain that went undiagnosed after countless appointments and tests. She spent hours in bed, which gave her plenty of time to read clinical research. Based on study results and working with her healthcare providers, she made the choice to reduce her dairy and meat intake and found relief in changing her diet and reducing her stress. While the transition felt overwhelming at times, she was grateful to feel better and be able to live with less pain.

This motivated her to launch Rooted in Balance in order to provide a simplified approach to transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. Navigating changes, especially dietary transitions, can be challenging alone, so she strives to provide a safe space offering guidance without judgment. Whether we are in the kitchen making a veggie-inspired meal or exploring different produce, Allison finds joy in teaching others about eating healthier and building a routine that fits their needs. 


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