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Houston, TX

Hey Kittch Family!

I am Alexandria Jack from Houston, Tx. I am a food writer, influencer, dinner party enthusiast, and food history nerd. As a Black woman of Creole/Cajun descent, I love exploring how cultures mingle and unify through food history.

My start in food was on a pig farm in the historical Barrett Station, Tx, as a "little Frenchman", watching my dad and uncles. Then in high school FFA, I raised and sold five of my pigs. From that moment, I became very intrigued by the culinary world and entrepreneurship. Watching major food channels and seeing how people traveled to experience food, I knew I wanted to grow up to travel the world by way of my pallet. Having the privilege of living in Houston has allowed me to experience so many cultures without getting on a plane. 

When Covid-19 happened, I had a lot of time to think and binge on food shows. My imagination began to overload me with ways to share my knowledge of food with the world. I started going live on Facebook, cooking and discussing food history with my friends and family. Then one day, I shared a cup of curry chicken with the owner of a local newspaper and she offered me a food writing opportunity. Since that day, I have been living my best food life and now I get to share with y'all on Kittch!

Since life's a party, why not make it a DINNER PARTY!

With Love,