Pickled pork rinds tostadas a la macha

Pickled pork rinds tostadas a la macha

Let the kitchen get spicy with these tostadas!

Not fan of spicy food, just add key lime juice to your tomatoes, sea salt and add the other ingredients to the tostadas!


6 medium roma tomatoes, diced

15 fl. oz. pickled pork rinds

1 tbsps salsa macha

4 tbsps Jocoque or light sour cream

6 medium baked corn tostadas

2 tsps sea salt


1) Mixed the diced tomatoes with the salsa macha. Add sea salt to your liking.

2) Put the tomatoes mix over a corn tostada, add the pork rinds, jocoque or light sour cream and enjoy!

You can find the pork rinds on Amazon:

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Salsa macha or Chili crunch

Lately salsa macha AKA chili crunch is one of my favorites salsas!

Every time I make this salsa I think about pesto, join me while I prepare it and you will see why is very similar to pesto.

For this salsa I will use a mix of dried peppers and some other delicious condiments, I am pretty sure you will like to add this recipe to your salsa repertoire.

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