Shelly's Montana TableShelly Meyer



Darby, MT

Entrepreneur, TV host, and Certified Chef, Shelly Meyer brings unique flavor to everything she takes on. Chef Shelly is the host of Shelly’s Game Kitchen where she treats viewers to her incredible homecooked recipes. The show is syndicated on Eat This TV and CarbonTV Networks, & available to watch on Roku, AppleTV, AmazonTV plus as a free app any Smart TV.

Long before cooking shows ever became popular, Chef Shelly was elevating wild game by using bison, elk, antelope, and other organic proteins in gourmet meals for elite clients, including those in the Arabian equestrian world. Among her many accomplishments, Chef Shelly once cooked an upscale plated meal for 75 people in a horse barn using only a portable grill.

Beyond her work in front of the camera, Chef Shelly owns and operates the Montana Flavor to Savor spice company where she sells her signature blends. In 2022, her Espresso Rub won a respectable 2nd place in the International Flavor Awards.

Chef Shelly began her cooking career through a catering business she ran with her husband. As a couple, they went on to own and operate a steakhouse for a decade. When the restaurant closed Chef Shelly decided to further pursue her passion for cooking by attending culinary school, graduating at the top of her class at age 50.

Chef Shelly offers her services as a private chef across the Bitterroot Valley. When she’s not in the kitchen, Chef Shelly enjoys participating in DIY construction —sledgehammer demolition! She’s remodeled every room in her home and finds great satisfaction in the entire progress. Shelly and her husband are proud parents and currently share their home with their beloved Dutch Shephard.

Chef Shelly’s mantra is Live Freely-Love Abundantly-Eat Naturally. A reflection of how she appreciates those in uniform who keep us safe; a non-judgmental way of accepting others for who they are; and her enjoyment of cooking wholesome food from the heart.