Great Grandma Rita’s German Chocolate Cake

By Liz Hensel Recipe Provided by Astrid Hensel


My mother-in-law Astrid was born and raised in Germany. Sharing the recipe that she learned from her mother-in-law is so special. Making a German chocolate cake with family is a delightful bonding experience. As we gather in the kitchen, laughter and excitement fill the air. It’s the peak of the holiday season, and our German chocolate cake is the perfect sweet for our dinner. The sweet aroma wafts through the house as we work together, sharing stories and tips. Finally, we all savor the rich, decadent result of our collaborative effort, relishing not just the cake but the cherished moments we've created together. It's a heartwarming tradition that brings us closer and leaves us with both a delicious dessert and beautiful memories.

Great Grandma Rita’s German Chocolate Cake


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