Beef Birria in a Crockpot!

Written by Liz Hensel, Recipe by Stephanie Roman

September kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month! A hodgepodge of celebrations for many Hispanic countries. I reached out to a dear friend to share the only birria taco recipe you need in your life.  

Stephanie Roman is a Mexican American military spouse.

Stephanie Roman and I met when we were stationed in Iwakuni, Japan. Stephanie could never cook for just her family. When she cooked it was for the neighborhood. Food unites people, it's a key part of Hispanic culture. She has shared her award-winning (in my heart) birria taco recipe. This recipe is perfect for upcoming potlucks, family dinners, or meal preps. Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your recipe.

Beef Birria in a crockpot!

Beef Birria in a Crockpot!


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