Triple Seared (Yaki-Ni) Steak Method

This triple sear method is a unique way of grilling steak to achieve a perfect, well-seasoned cut of beef and a beautiful crust every time. The short resting periods in the different liquids allow the pores in the meat to expand and absorb the additional moisture and seasoning, resulting in a flavorful and tender cut of meat. The sake helps wash away excess salt,  while adding a layer of sugar that caramelizes on the grill. The soy adds a depth of umami and flavor to the crust, allowing the beef to finish searing over the open coals. (Charcoal will always add an extra dimension and flavor whenever grilling, but a gas grill works as well!)


I like serving this style of beef with crispy herbs and a citrus kosho. Traditionally, you can find it served with wasabi or a sprinkling of sancho peppercorns.


8oz sake

8oz soy sauce

16oz beef (Ideally a cut meant to be enjoyed on the grill – skirt, flank, filet, ny, ribeye)

Salt | oil | yuzu kosho | sancho peppercorn


1.     Begin by allowing your steak to temper for at least 30 minutes prior to cooking.

2.     Lightly rub your beef with oil and season very heavily with salt (excess is key, as most will get washed off during the cooking process).

3.     Sear the beef over high heat for 2 minutes on each side before transferring to the sake bath.

4.     Allow the beef to rest for 1-2 minutes on each side in the sake bath.

5.     Immediately transfer back over direct high heat and continue to sear for another 2 minutes on each side.

6.     Place the beef into the sake bath to rest another 2 minutes per side.

7.     Immediately transfer the beef back to the hot grill for one final sear of 1-2 minutes per side to achieve a brilliant crust and finish.

8.     Allow the steak to rest on a rack for 6 minutes before slicing.

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