Summer Corn Pasta Sauce

Summer Corn Pasta Sauce

Corn is one of my favorite ingredients and I will fight and die on that hill! This recipe is a great example as to why. The corn puree can be used as the base for a pasta filling or turned up and used as the sauce for your favorite pasta shape.

I often like to put this base inside of an isi siphon and aerate for best results.


1 bunch chives

4 ears corn

8oz mascarpone

1 cup heavy cream

1ea small shallot

1ea Meyer lemon

1 sprig basil

1 sprig thyme

8oz butter


1. Begin by shucking the corn and (optionally dehydrating the husks for a corn powder).

2. Save the cobs for stock. I like to scrape mine down to remove the corn milk and cover with water. Bring this to a simmer and allow to steep with the thyme for 30 minutes.

3. Begin melting the butter and sweating the sliced shallots. Add the sprig of basil and stir until translucent.

4. add the corn kernels and continue to cook for 5 minutes.

5. deglaze with cream and bring to a simmer reducing by half.

6. transfer this mixture to a blender and puree on high while emulsifying in the mascarpone.

7. optionally pass through a chinois and cool over ice until ready to use.

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Summer Corn Cavatelli

I live for the summer months when I can make this corn espuma. It is great as a pasta sauce, but I prefer it aerated in a siphon. I really enjoy serving this dish at my pop-ups and events, as it celebrates the vegetable and utilizes all of its parts.

If you’re not able to make it to my dinner at Forna Rossa in Chicago on 8/24 to try this - I’m sharing how it is made.

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