Zucchini Oyster Mushroom Burrito

Zucchini Oyster Mushroom Burrito

This zucchini oyster mushroom burrito comes together with minimum four ingredients . Big on flavor and great for a simple lunch or dinner for you to enjoy on your own or with family !


Avocado Oil

1 Bell Pepper

2 Garlic Cloves

1 lb Jasmine Rice

2 Limes

2 15oz packages Oyster Mushrooms

Sea Salt

Coarse Black Pepper

Sazon Seasoning

2 Zucchini’s


Start by cleaning your oyster mushrooms and removing the access dirt . Cut off the bottom portion where the mushroom is attached you’ll only want the portions that don’t contain the actual root .

Get your rice cooker and or make your jasmine rice over the stove . Clean your rice in the sink under cold water . Measure out your water and add fresh water and measure it . Add 2 fresh garlic cloves and sea salt to taste and flavor your rice . Cook until soft and fluffy .

Add to your cast iron skillet the avocado oil. Chop up in wedges the zucchini, bell peppers and white onion . Add in the zucchini, bell pepper and white onion and oyster mushrooms. Sauté veggies until translucent add your salt , pepper and Sazon seasoning . At the end of everything cooking squeeze fresh lime over top .

Get fresh corn or flour tortillas to serve . Heat them up over the stovetop until brown on both sides . Place your rice inside your burrito, oyster mushrooms and veggies . Fold it up and enjoy !

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Oyster Mushroom Zucchini Burrito

Join me on Wednesday August 16th at 12PM PDT in the SimpliDished kitchen as I share with you my recipe highlighting zucchini! We will pair the zucchini with grilled oyster mushrooms and seasonal veggies from my garden.

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