Viral Sandwich-Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Viral Sandwich-Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

August is National Sandwich Month so I am showing y’all my famous breakfast sandwich with some fun new additions.

We are using link sausage, a runny egg, and pimento cheese!


2 slices white bread

mayo-for bread

2 strips bacon

2 breakfast sausage links, split in halves

1/2 white or yellow onion, sliced thin and grilled

1 egg

oil or butter to fry

8oz bag shredded cheese-sharp cheddar

4oz cream cheese-whipped-room temp

1 TBSP mayo

1 small jar pimentos-diced with juice

cayenne pepper to taste

dash smoked paprika

fresh black pepper-to taste


Heat flattop to med-high

Make pimento cheese first. In a large mixing bowl, add cheese, cream cheese, mayo, pimentos with juice, and seasonings. Mix very well and set aside.

Cook sliced onion in oil or butter until very brown, set aside. Cook bacon and sausage, set aside.

Grab bread and spread mayo generously on 1 side of each piece. (I like to add garlic powder to my mayo and use a silicone brush to spread it with)

Turn over bread and spread pimento cheese generously on each side. Add grilled onion. Now add your sliced sausage and bacon, making sure to layer as flat as possible. (see Demo)

Now, take both stacked pieces of bread, an grill, mayo side down, until very brown and cheese is melty. Remove from heat onto cutting board.

In a non stick skillet, add oil to coat. Heat to med and gently crack an egg into oil, trying not to break the yolk. Fry covered until whites are totally cooked, but yolk is not.

Remove with slotted spatula, and add to sandwich. Top with other side and pop the yolk. Dip with Calabama Dipping Sauce

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Viral Sandwiches-The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

You may have seen my breakfast sandwich before..and even though it’s hard to improve upon, I’m going to take it up a few notches with some pimento cheese and spicy sausage!

Come hang with me in my kitchen to celebrate National Sandwich Month with this decadent breakfast sandwich

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