THE Best Southern Macaroni Salad

THE Best Southern Macaroni Salad

A southern BBQ party staple!

Be the most popular guest or host at your summer BBQ with this chilled, zesty, macaroni salad. It’s a make ahead recipe you’ll use again and again. We are using fresh herbs and spices for a delicious take on this pasta salad


1 lb dried elbow macaroni ( I prefer large elbows but regular is fine)

1 jar pimentos-drained

1 small red bell pepper-diced

1/2 red onion-diced

flat leaf parsley-chopped

3/4 C mayo (can substitute vegan mayo)

1 tsp dry mustard (Coleman’s)

1 tsp lemon pepper

1/2 tsp smoked paprika (or to taste)

1 tsp salt

fresh cracked pepper to taste


Cook pasta first:

Bring salted water to a rolling boil and cook pasta per directions on package.

Drain and set aside to cool

Transfer room temp macaroni into an extra large mixing bowl

Add in mayo, then all of the chopped and diced onion and bell pepper. Add drained pimentos, and all dry seasonings. Mix well until everything is incorporated. Taste, re-season if needed.

Refrigerate for at least one hour and up to overnight. I prefer it to sit overnight.

Serve cold and enjoy!

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THE best Southern Macaroni Salad

This is the answer to your question, “what should I bring to the bbq?” Cold and packed with flavor, this southern mac salad goes great on a bbq plate.

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