Chicago Tavern Style Pizza Dough

Chicago Tavern Style Pizza Dough

Tavern style pizza is the REAL Chicago pizza…Not deep dish. This recipes come courtesy of John Carruthers of Takeout.come, Chicago tavern pizza master.

Watch my Chicago Tavern Style Pizza Part 1 stream to see how it’s made!


725 g. high-gluten bread flour

25 g. medium-grind cornmeal

4 g. instant yeast

7 g. salt

7 g. sugar

370 g. warm water (90-100 degrees Fahrenheit)

60 g. olive oil


Add the dry ingredients to a food processor bowl fitted with a dough blade. Pulse until combined, then add the water and oil.

Pulse ingredients on the dough setting until the ball comes together and rides the blade. When that happens, turn the processor on fully, count to 40, and turn off. Let the dough rest 20 minutes, then process for another 30 seconds and remove to a cutting board.

Divide the dough into four equal pieces (about 295 grams each) and form into balls. Store each in a separate quart container or gallon zip-top bag. Refrigerate at least overnight or up to five days.

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Chicago Tavern Style Pizza Part 1

Chicago is a tavern style pizza town, NOT deep dish. This is part 1 of my series where I will show how to make authentic tavern style pizza in both your home oven and an outdoor pizza oven.

In this stream I'll walk you through the initial mix and portioning of your dough!

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