The Lion King

The Lion King

Sunday sandwiches are BACK! We are kicking if off with something for my vegetarian friends.  Lion's mane mushrooms are the star of the show.  They are breaded and fried in the style of a classic chicken parm but taken to another level with a bright and flavorful ramp salsa verde on homemade giardiniera spiced focaccia.


Giardiniera Focaccia


2 1/2 Cups Bread Flour

1 1/4 Tsp IDY

1 Tsp honey

2 1/2 tsp kosher salt

3 tsp olive oil

1 1/4 cups of lukewarm water

1 tsp of JP Graziano Mild Giardiniera seasoning (sub italian seasoning if needed)

Ramp Salsa Verde:

2 Tbsp minced ramp leaves

2 Tbsp minced flat leaf parsley

1 tsp lemon zest

1 tbsp chopped capers

1 tsp calabrian chiles

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

Juice of half a small lemon

Salt and pepper to taste

Lion's Mane Parm


One large lion's mane mushroom

2 cups AP Flour

2 eggs

2 cups Italian Breadcrumbs

1 tbsp Italian seasoning

Neutral frying Oil of your choice

1/2 cup marinara (homemade or store bought) 

1/2 cup shredded whole milk mozzarella 


Giardiniera Focaccia


Mix salt and flour together in a medium bowl. Mix IDY, Honey, and water together.  Combine the wet and dry together until fully combined and no dry spots. Cover with olive oil and place in a covered container in your fridge for 24 hours.  Remove from fridge and press dough put into an oiled 8x10 pan and let rise until bubbly, about 2 hours.  Once risen, dimple the dough by pressing your fingers into.  Top with giardiniera seasoning and flakey salt. Bake at 450 F for 20-25 minutes.

Ramp Salsa Verde

Method:  Simply mix and set aside to develop flavor

Lion's Mane Parm


Slice one large lion's mane mushroom into 1 inch steaks. Season flour with italian seasoning and a pinch of salt.  Coat mushrooms in flour, beaten egg, then breadcrumbs.  Repeat with remaining mushrooms and fry in a skillet over medium heat until golden (about 2 minutes per side).  Immediately season with salt and let rest on a wire rack.  Top each with a spoon of marinara and mozzarella.  Melt cheese under broiler or kitchen torch.

To build

Spread marinara on bottom half of your focaccia.  Top with two mushroom cutlets and a large spoonful of salsa verde!

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Sunday Sandwiches: The Lion King 🦁

It's the return of my Sunday Sandwich series and this time I'm back for good! Join me every Sunday at 11am as I bring you an original sandwich recipe.

This week I will be making a sandwich that I'm calling, “The Lion King” a crispy lions mane mushroom sandwich!

Breaded and fried Lion's Mane mushrooms, marinara, melted mozzarella, ramp salsa verde, on homemade giardiniera seasoned foccacia.


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