ArktiskMat Roadshow Seløy

Throughout 2021-22 we aim to showcase the region of Northern Norway through a number of intimate events at selected locations throughout the region, taking the essence of ArktiskMat and putting it into play in a variety of landscapes and settings. There will be talks and dining experiences alongside other exciting activities that will promote the heart and soul of each place we visit.

An ArktiskMat “Roadshow” is about finding potential in different places. Through people, community, nature and food we look at a place, both trough the lenses of the people who live and work there, but also through the people we bring there.

At the first of a series of “Roadshows” we explored a small island on the coast of Helgeland. We searched sea and land, got insight in how to use the resources we found there. We learned about the coastal culture through a historic perspective, and we talked about architecture, how to mix the new with the old and to respect the surroundings while doing so.

We got to know many of the people who work there and how they run their businesses, we discussed challenges and we discussed the beauty of the island.Thanks to Bodø 2024, the N2 program, Herøy kommune and MON for making this possible.Amazing movie by @sigurdsjavik 

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